VoV: HKRUNWAY By Alexey Marfin & HKDI Fashion Designers

Performance 29.10.2022 20:00 - 20:30    

Venue Rooftop Garden, Asia Society Hong Kong Center

VoV: HKRUNWAY is a multi-disciplinary fashion show. Fashion designers from Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) are invited to give shape to values through the neuro-design process of Value of Value (VoV) and create new forms of fashion inspired by the tokens they have created, allowing people to claim their values in an expressive way. The outfits will be captured by Photogrammetry which will then be produced into Virtual Reality designed by Alexey Marfin (Film director and Full-Time Faculty, EDGE Postgraduate Center, Fiction and Entertainment Program, SCI-ARC). VR and dance will be incorporated to present the Value Collection at Rooftop Garden of the Asia Society Hong Kong Center.

Limited capacity available on a first-come first-served basis. Please register with the following link:

Organised by 

Osage Art Foundation

Project Grant

Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme

HKSAR Government 


Supported by

Asia Society Hong Kong Center

Hong Kong Design Institute

Southern California Institute of Architecture

Collaborating Artist

Maurice Benayoun

Artistic Director

Alexey Marfin

Fashion Designers

Chan Chun Yu

Cheung Cheuk Nam

Marco Cheung

Chui Ming Yi

Chung Sze Ki

Fok Kei Wing

Jessica Fung Hoi Yan

Fung Ka Man

Ho King Lai

Brianna Lau

Lee Long Man Michelle

Luo Cheuk Nga

Ng Sze Ting

Bibi Samina

Siu Ka Ho Hugo

Sun Yuet Ting Elaine

Tsum Ka Yee

Wong Ching

Yau Ho Yan

Yu Yuen Ying





Zeon Chau

Marco Cheung

Shawn Cheung

Christel Chongson

Reagan Cornelio

Janesa De Guzman

Jessica Fung Hoi Yan

Harry Lai

Ayumi Longasa Oquino

Malyn Punay

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