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A Solo Exhibition By Masaki Fujihata


Being Parallel

Opening Reception  6 - 8pm , 28 Nov 2018   

Exhibition Period  29 Nov 2018 - 28 Feb 2019 

This exhibition is Act 2 of HKACT! -- a solo exhibition featuring the canonical works of the visionary new media artist Masaki Fujihata. Rather than formulating a chronology of Fujihata’s artistic career retrospectively, the exhibition aims to present a selection of his works that were informed by technologies paradigmatic of the times, through which Fujihata had incisively reflected on the relationship between digital and analog.

Fujihata says, "New media art needs to have a critical consciousness of new media technology and must be a creation of new media itself. New media art is an invention of new medium. My intention is to create a new medium that warns the danger of the technology, which is driven by capitalism."


Being Parallel

By Masaki Fujihata 

21 Oct. 2018

No one talks about the “digital versus analog" nowadays but, in the first place, the term "digital" pushes the term "analog" into a conventional environment, used to differentiate from the past.

It looks as if “digital" has won against "analog" but, we should remember that our body is an analog organ and has a life. Analog is our foundation. Both the digital and analog must not to be contested. We need to live on both in parallel.

It was a project of trying to predict the future using a binary confrontation such as "You are an analog human or a digital?" A typical example is shown in Nicholas Negroponte's book titled "Being Digital." However, about 10 years since the launch of the smartphone, and 20 years after Negroponte's book, our daily environment has been digitized, covered with IT (Information Technology) and nobody thinks deeply about it. Digital went underground, it hid behind the wall. Digital quietly pursues the interests of capitalists = serving the consumer's convenience.

Although the principle that only human beings generate information has not changed, a system that efficiently gathers that information has been thoroughly developed over the last two decades. It is thorough digital marketing. This is the fundamental success principle of the present IT company that Amazon shows recommended books, Facebook introduces friends, and Google keeps data safe. Without the preparedness to become an information terminal, we have become a terminal of a huge information system because we stepped into, almost unconsciously with curiosity, this low threshold.

Whether we are aware or not, we are in a state where we must balance the digital environment and the analog body. For that, we must know the target deeper, but the capitalist will not reveal it. The significance of the art practice is here. By hacking the media technology that has been developed by the capitalist, we need to know how it manipulates our consciousness and recognition, and think about the balance between analog and digital. Many of my works start from a desire to know "what is digital," and by hacking digital technology experimentally and experientially, I have been examining about how "people" who are "analogs" have been influenced and transfigured by "digital". 

Such consciousness and recognition operation seems to be symbolized by the buzzword "reality" at the present time. Through 'VR', 'AR', 'Mixed Reality' and so on, finally the term "Extended Reality (XR)" that encompasses all of these realities, came out. But what is a common purpose to all is about creating "reality." However, "reality" is not created by technology, it is generated by our human side. Different interfaces force different experiences. Even the same data may appear totally different, never the same.

Virtual Reality is designed in order that humans can be immersed in the real world beforehand and is made of the composition that there is a human being in the center of the world. On the other hand, Augmented Reality starts from the idea that information beyond human beings is folded over in the real world, and humans and the world are in parallel. VR experience lets users find the virtual aspect of their bodies, AR experiences expand their memory system and change the distance between the world and themselves.

Exhibition Period 

29 Nov 2018 - 28 Feb 2019 

Opening Hours 

Mon - Sat 1030 - 1830

Sun 1430 - 1830

Closed on public holidays


Osage Gallery

4/F, 20 Hing Yip Street, Kwun Tong



Presented by 

Osage Art Foundation

Supported by 

School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong

Tokyo University of the Arts

Academy of Film, Hong Kong Baptist University

Academy of Visual Arts. Hong Kong Baptist University

Department of History, Hong Kong Baptist University

ZOTAC Technology Limited


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