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Articulate a Vision for the Future  |  Brand Hong Kong as the Place where the Future is Found

Promote Hong Kong as a Center for Art Culture and Technological Innovation

Fuel the Growth of the Creative and Cultural Industries |  Drive the Future of Design and Technology through Art

Be a Catalyst for Thought Leadership   |   Boost Cultural Tourism   |   Explore Alternative Education Methodology

In 2015 Osage began developing a major new platform called HKACT! for the promotion of Art Culture and Technological Innovation in Hong Kong.

HKACT! is a platform that celebrates art and ideas by bringing together visionary thinkers and innovators to help chart the future of a better society through a series of ground-breaking, cutting edge, innovative, technological art and cultural projects.

Founding Curatorial Advisors 

John Aiken
Kurt Chan
Charles Merewether
Jeffrey Shaw  


Maurice Benayoun
Lewis Biggs
Colin Fournier
Roger Garcia
Yuko Hasegawa
James Law
Leon Tan
Tony Tang 

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