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Parachuting to Wan Chai By Osage Art Foundation

Performance 15.12.2018 19:00 - 20:00    

Media Art Projection  16 - 17.12.2018 10:00 - 20:00

Venue  7 Mallory Street, Wan Chai

HKRUNWAY Parachuting to Wan Chai is a multi-disciplinary art project that engages in the experimentation of new media to showcase fashion designs captured by 3D photogrammetry and redesigned into unique moving images. Dancers traverse through architectural installations with music specially commissioned for every collection, adding living vitality and form to the projections

About the Design of the Performance


The performance is founded upon a scenographic design which constructs an abstract space to objectify the intimate relationship among human skin, material fabric and physical space. The primal role of clothing as a junction between skin and space is signified by the use of semi-translucent fabrics as projection screens, thereby making visible its tangible and material quality. With content teased out from hundreds of 360-degree photographs, each projection ends theatrically with clothes dissolving into the air, further reinforcing the process of abstraction of the whole design.

About the Concept of Parachute


This performance is conceived under the concept of a “parachute project” in which the prototype of an art project is first constructed abstractly and, like a parachute, it can be landed on and adapted to any location. As a result, every “landing” of a parachute project will be a new and unique experience. The original project, titled HK Runway, was conceptualized in 2016 and realized in 2017 to experiment with alternative methodologies to present fashion as an artistic project. In 2018, the performance of the art project will be “parachuted” for the first time to Wan Chai. By reaching out to and exploring the localities of different spots in our urban space, the parachute project is a way to connect and engage the public.


Osage Art Foundation

Cultural and Leisure Services Committee of Wan Chai District Council


Wan Chai District Council

Support Organisation 

Hong Kong Design Institute

Urban Renewal Authority

Concept Direction 

Agnes Lin

Media Artist and Designer

Tobias Gremmler

Photogrammetry Capture

Benny Woo

Logo Design

Anothermountainman (Stanley Wong)


Nina Habulan Gelladuga

Proceso Seguismar Gelladuga II

Exhibition Designers

Michael Arellanes II

Daniel Kwok


Music Curator

Giorgio Biancorosso


Chan Sze-Rok

Fashion Designers

Ip Wai Ha, Kendra

Ng Pui Man, MM
Ng Yee Ping, Pim
Tai Tung, Edwina
Tse Siu Shan, Hill
Wong Ka Wai, Dorothy


Reagan Cornelio 
Andrew Baris
Johnny Amar
Sara Tang
Hanedy Albarico
Janesa De Guzman
Jamie Veryl Yap Chua
Malyn Punay Santos
Elena Egorova
Ita Zeeker
Cindi Li Chun Ting

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